7 Birds – An Installation by Keyvan Fehri

The general theme of the story is a clear description of society and people. An installation on a black field, pointing to human life in the world. The selection of pigeons as a symbol in the installation is the witness of freedom loving soul of human beings.

  • The 1st act: The Blue Flowers

    The pigeons with blue flowers and tall figurines among them are the testimony of people who spend their life in absolute ignorance an indifference inspire of everything and everyone around them, because of their wealth.

  • The 2nd act: The Rosy Flower

    Rosy flowered porcelain in Iran is the reminder of our grandmothers in Persian culture and these are the symbol of the past generation who are living in their memories and are just having existed.

  • The 3rd act: The Blacks

    The Black Pigeons with black writings on their bodies symbolize the inner murkiness of ignorance and ugliness through their wavy movement towards authority and wealth careless to the environment and even to each other. Their tall narrow tails are the symbol of human beings paradoxical personality and is represented here as a mouse incorporated in the shape of the black pigeons.

  • The 4th act: The White Religious

    The white pigeons with the black writings on their bodies are the distinct expression of faithful people. The turquoise gem installed among them symbolize the holy celestial creator. The pigeon’s upward look is the evidence of exploring and worshiping the sublimity in their own mind and spirit.

  • The 5th act: The Greens

    Pigeons with green scarves symbolize broad minded people and using the green global thinking.

  • The 6th act: The Intellectuals

    The pigeons incorporating poem by Hafez represent the back bone of their thoughts and believes in which everything is constantly changing.

  • The final 7th act: The Whites

    The white pigeons, which are the incarnation of the other six group, either imprisoned or under the blade and eventually will perish but are in no way passive, are observing the next generation.